True Darkness cover book

True Darkness

A fast-paced paranormal mystery

The border between the human and paranormal worlds is growing thinner. Will the city prevail if the border is shattered, or will it fall into the abyss?

Val is the one people call when they get in trouble. Whether it's spirits, monsters, or cursed objects, she will handle it for you. Years after fleeing her native United States for the gloomy streets of London, Val gets a call for help from a friend, one she can't turn down. One that may get her - and maybe half the city of London - killed.

Despite her years of working in the paranormal industry, Val will learn how much she doesn’t know—the entities that stalk graveyards and the shadowy organizations that keep tabs on dangerous artifacts—and how much people she called friends have been keeping from her.

With her soul on the line, Val must choose between Richard, the man who took her in when she arrived in England with nothing, and Beck, the man who taught her what she knows… and is hunting Richard. What begins as helping a friend with a simple cleansing ritual becomes a fight to the death to keep the true darkness from spilling into the streets.

The writing of “True Darkness” was initiated by YouTube channel Mortis Media, and is written by two of its community members - J.C. Phelps and Lorenzo Jones Hillman. While being a debut for Lorenzo, J.C. Phelps is a published author known for her Alexis Stanton Chronicles. Gathered by their love of paranormal and supernatural stories our writers created a brilliant story that every fan will enjoy.


"Thank you for your interest in True Darkness. We didn't know exactly what to expect when we decided to write on ForgeFiction. It was born of curiosity and became quite the adventure. Learning to write with a partner and in a genre not normally our own was a wonderful learning experience and a complete joy. Val and the other characters were fun to write about, as well as all the paranormal aspects we got to play with. It was our initial goal to write a few chapters to be a part of something interesting and new but soon became our goal to bring forth a full story that would captivate and entertain readers. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time spent in our world."

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